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NEW** Custom, Unique Wordpress Websites for Photographers

We can Create a WordPress website for your Photography business which will Inspire your visitors. We can go as far as You want in creating the website from simple theme set up for you to manage your own content, to a complete, fully managed WordPress Website.

Wordpress Pricing

Initial Set Up Fee £200
There is an initial set up fee to get the website up and running. This would be to create the appearance of the website to your brief or available theme.

The initial set up would include Home Page, About, Galleries, Services section and Blog.

If you are familiar with Wordpress you can then manage the website yourself.

WordPress Monthly Management
WordPress can be fairly cumbersome and time consuming to manage and if you are unfamiliar with the Content Management facility, you may prefer us to manage it for you with prices starting at £50 per month. This fee would include hosting and an SSL certificate.

Monthly maintenance work would include any content updates you require, such as text and images, new pages and ensuring WordPress is updated as required. Simply call or email us with what you need updating and we will ensure this work is carried out in a timely manner.

There is no minimum term with our monthly maintenance package and can be cancelled at any time simply by calling or emailing us. So, over time you may become confident with updating yourself, at which time you can cancel our agreement and simply revert to a basic hosting package.

Contact us should you wish to discuss our WordPress Websites further.

Wordpress Hosting
If you wish to manage the website yourself, there would be an annual hosting charge of £200 or £20 per month. All our websites are hosted on fast, dedicated servers with daily database backups as well as full server backups.

Have an Existing Wordpress Website?

If you currently have an exisitng WordPress website which requires updating of has bugs that need fixing, We can help.

Our developers work on behalf of other WordPress agencies in creating bespoke features and fixing issues they may not be able to resolve themselves.

Speak to us if you have specific WordPress requirements or issues.

Another Way?

Whilst WordPress is an excellent option and gives some great design functionality, in many cases we advise clients to consider our 'Custom Built Website' option. Prices start at just £150.

These are websites built specifically for photographers and by our own developers. As the functionality is already developed, a new website built in this way is extremely cost effective and in the long run far cheaper than the WordPress option.

The Content Management System is much more straight forward and as such would save in Monthly Maintenance fees.

Furthermore, as the system is built by us from scratch, we can add extra features and functionality as required for a lower cost than further developing a WordPress website.

You can see more information on our Website Design services here or visit our Parent website at

Please Contact Us for further information and a quote.

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