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How to Build a Photographers Website

All websites created have a mobile friendly, responsive layout, meeting Google guidelines at no additional cost.

Creating your new website is a very simple process indeed.

It is possible, if you have images and content readily available, to create the look you require and complete a website in under an hour. Indeed a basic website using our powerful wizard system can be created in just 20 minutes! Why not put us to the test with our no obligation, free trial?

Websites can be activated on their own domain within 24 to 48 hours of registration with us, depending on the domain name selected.

Once Registered you will be presented with a few simple steps to create the initial look of the website.

Step 1: Create your first image gallery and upload some of your favorite images to use on the website.

Step 2: Add content for your Home Page. Add your Title and a little text about yourself or the business. This can be copy and pasted from a web page or other document and edited any time later.

Step 3: Layout and Colour

You can now see a basic snapshot of the website which will change as you hover over the different options.

Click to select a layout and colour scheme which most closely match your requirements from the selection of swatches. These can all be edited later.

Click 'Next'

Step 4: Upload your own logo or header image or Build a logo using the wizard.

Upload your own logo: If you have your own professionally designed logo or you are conversant with Photoshop or other image editing software, we recommend using the upload facility. An uploaded image can be dragged and zoomed in or out to achieve the desired look.

Build a Logo: If you are not confident with such software, the system allows you to create a logo or header image. You can edit the title text and strap line changing the font, colour and size of each individually. You can also change the main background colour to compliment or contrast with the overall colour scheme. Ensure you click 'Use Logo' and then 'Next' to save and move on.

Step 5: Create Other Pages - At this stage you will have automatically created a Home, Gallery, Contact and Links page. Here you can add extra content pages to make the website more complete. You can select to create one or all of Services and About pages and add your first blog post. Select the pages you wish to create and then click 'Next' to add content to each. Again, this may be copy and pasted from other web pages or documents. Add content to each page displayed and click 'Edit Next Page'.

Add a title and copy to each page. In the Page Url field you can create a directory targeted to specific key words or phrases to assist with search engine rankings.

Once all have been edited click 'Next' to move on to the next step.

Step 6: Add Social Icons including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc to the website footer. Select the items you wish to display from the left hand block. If you select 'Display Social Buttons' move to the right hand block, select the social links you want to be visible and add the address of the individual profiles. Any selections you make will appear in the footer snapshot below the edit screen. Click 'Next' when finished.

Finish: Congratulations you have created your website. You can now see a basic snapshot of your website and view the finished article.

You can of course go on to add additional, unlimited pages and extra galleries. Further functionality and editing capability, along with a more detailed 'Help' section is available once the wizard is complete.

Once you are happy with the finished article simply click the Activate / Renew tab and follow the instructions to set your website live.

Although the process is very simple we will be happy to support you throughout so, once registered, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance. You can test the system out fully with a FREE, NO Obligation trial, so please register now and give it a go.

Once registered you will be presented with 3 simple wizard steps which will allow you to create your preferred layout and colour scheme, add content and images to your main pages and create your first image gallery.

Once these initial steps are complete you will then have greater control over all aspects of the website allowing you to edit the look completely with a few clicks of the mouse, edit the colour scheme, create new unlimited pages and galleries, add slideshows and much more.

There is a detailed help section when registered, in the unlikely event that you have any difficulties, as well as free email and telephone support.

Whilst Websites For Photographers was developed specifically with photographers in mind, it can be used by many other business types or for personal websites. We have a diverse range of businesses using the system from cake makers and flower arrangers to landscape gardeners. We even have a funeral director on board! So for a website for any business sector why not give us a try?

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