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What's New on Websites For Photographers

New Privacy and Cookie feature implemented. Allows clients to switch on a Cookie notice and edit a standard pop and Cookie/Privacy policy.

Storage option for website enquiries and online orders and ability to respond via account. Option to switch on or off.

Option to create Multiple Websites under a single account. This feature allows the user to test different options such as layouts and colour schemes before deciding on the final design.

Additional websites can be purchased at a discount after an initial website is activated. This discount is currently set at 20% as at 6/3/18. Multiple websites can also be used by the main account holder as an additional service by providing a website creation option for clients. Additionally, for wedding service providers, an account holder may wish to provide websites to wedding clients such as a bride / groom website.

Option to add Google Webmaster Tools/Search console ID to website. Search Console provides additional analytics data and details of website performance.

Email enquiries now logged within a website accoiunt. These can be viewed and responded to when logged in to an account.

Replaced page ID numbers with the option to add keyword rich directory URL's. This feature is intended to assist further with SEO and rankings for specific key phrases. Adding a key phrase to the url along with title tag, page title and on page copy can help in improving rankings for a given phrase. Existing pages can be edited to apply the new URL. Newly created pages automatically adopt the new format.

Although not integrated with the system we are now able to offer websites hosted with Secure HTTPS Certificates.
Google Chrome, Firefox and other broswers now flag as Insecure, any page which requires a password or payment details to be entered. This will (9/2/17) be extended to all insecure pages shortly, regardless of whether a password is required or not.

Firefox explicitly highlight HTTP login pages as insecure by displaying a lock icon with red strike-through in the address bar.

An SSL Certificate is now a must for any website for reputation, credibility and security.

Please enquire here for further information. If you have a website hosted elsewhere and would like an SSL certificate please feel free to ask for a quote.

Pleased to announce the redesign of our website. We hope you like it! Feel free to pass on any comments or feedback on Facebook and Twitter.

New image uploader introduced to replace the outdated Flash uploader.
New email options introduced including email forwarding and pop accounts.

New Server Migration. The Websites For Photographers system including all client websites and data have been successfully transfered to a new, faster web server.

New mobile friendly responsive layout introduced. All websites now respond to the device being viewed on meeting Google mobile friendly requirements.

Add ALT tags to all gallery images. Improve SEO and image searches with the ability to add a description to all gallery images.

Sort gallery images by Date added, File Name or Reverse Current Order. Now easier to sort gallery images.

New gallery options / styles installed. Now select from standard thumbnails opening up in a lightbox feature, thumbnail filmstrip with thumbnails scrolling across the top, bottom, left or right or a picture grid.

Background image options now added. Select from a library of provided images to tile across the page or create and upload your own image. The background colour of the main content area can be set to transaparent so the background image shows across the page.

Navigation menu editor updated to allow categorising of links into main and sub pages. Where a main page has a sub page a drop down menu is automatically created or added too. Navigation bar links can be re-ordered, renamed, de-activated and re-activated.

Social media and footer options now improved. As well as the option to add Facebook, Twitter and Facebook share buttons to individual pages and blog posts we have now increased the social media options throughout a website. The footer can now be set to link to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Flickr, You Tube and Linkedin profiles and channels.

Social buttons and footer options

New, increased gallery image allowance. Image allocation for all accounts has been substantially increased starting at 1000 images as an entry level. With 4 additional tiers up to a massive 10,000 images for just £100 there are options to suit all business sizes. Additional images can be purchased at any time during a subscription period with the price reduced according to the time left. View all website and image prices here

New integrated Blog option. An integrated blog feature has now been added to the system. You are able to set the Blog link in the main navigation menu or set the Blog as your home page, great if you are short on time to create a substantial website. A blog is a great way to introduce quality content to your website on a regular basis which in turn can help to increase search engine rankings and phrases whereby your website can be found. Social website buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + can also be turned on or off for all blog posts.

New slideshow options. The slideshow feature has been updated to include all images within a selected gallery. Previously 15 images were allowed due to download time. This has now been reworked and allows a fully featured slideshow showcasing all images within that gallery. Slideshow options come with or without controls such as pause, play etc.

New user friendly set up wizard launched. The set up wizard has been updated to allow a speedier completion and a more professional appearance once the wizard is complete. We believe you can achieve a professional looking website on completion of the wizard within 10 minutes and are happy to be challenged on this claim. Content and images can be added to the website during the wizard steps, text copy and pasted from a web page or other document and images uploaded to the content pages and initial gallery. The wizard is intended to achieve the desired professional appearance although this can be edited at any time at a later stage. On completion of the wizard, unlimited extra pages can be created, unlimited galleries added, design and layout edited along with all content. Please feel free to take our 10 minute challenge by registering here for your free, no obligation trial.

New designer launched. The new Site Designer has been added to give more control over the individual sections of a website. You can now edit the Header, Footer, Menu and main Content areas separately allowing you to create a more individual look. Background colours and font colours can be changed globally and also for each section individually as well as font style and sizes. Included in the new Site Designer update is a logo creator. The system has historically included a basic text header or the option to upload a logo or header image created offline. The logo creator now gives a third option for those unfamiliar with image editing software to allow more individuality.

New increased image allowance for gallery images. Standard package increased to 200 images. Further tier options available on our Prices page.


Accreditation from Trustwave received for PCI Compliance for payment processing. This means that when making card payments via our websites that your card and identity information are secure giving you complete peace of mind. Full compliance was achieved on as well as Click the Trustwave logo above to confirm validation.

Rebrand and new web site design launched

Extra social bookmarking features added. New Twitter and Facebook buttons now available.

CAPTCHA option added to contact form. A CAPTCHA is a verification step when completing a form. Entering a string of characters to ensure it is not an automated submission. Reduces spam form submissions.

Galleries can be reordered simply by dragging to the required position. This also changes the order in the drop down menu.

Changed the way images are called to client websites. Initially images were located on the main domain and are now called directly to client domains. This will improve the indexing of gallery pages and images and generate extra traffic to client web sites from search engine image searches.

In March 2011 we migrated the service to a newer faster web server. This has allowed us to perform more updates on the system and integrate easier with existing client websites.

Added style options for the links menu. You can now select different gradient background images for the main navigation area which can improve the look of a website considerably.

There are a number of different colour options and we will add more over time. If you like these but wish to use a different style please let us know and we will endeavor to create one.

The backgrounds work well on either menu type both horizontal and those vertical down the sides and can be added by clicking the ‘Edit your links menu’ link on the main account page. For those who haven’t yet completed the wizard pages, they are available on the second wizard step or once this has been finished.

These won’t work too well on those sites with a lot of links on the menu where they wrap onto a second or third line. However, you can try it out and revert back to ‘none’ if you are not happy with the look.

Ability to upload Flash movie files. You already had the facility to integrate a YouTube or Vimeo video with your site but can now add Flash movies directly to the site.

It is very simple to create these Flash slideshows using one of many third party software’s available on the Internet. Once you have decided on the program you wish to use, simply save the slideshow as a Flash .swf file and upload to the page you want in the same way as adding one of our original slideshows.

If you are not happy installing software or creating these files, then we will be happy to quote on doing it for you from an existing gallery.

Widgets added which inlcude facebook share button, twitter button and events calendar. All these widgets can now be included on any page of your website and can be added from the page editor toolbar. Youtube and Vimeo videos can also be embedded in any page using the HTML tab on the editor toolbar.

Ordering of images within galleries enabled. To re-order simply go to the required gallery and select the image you wish to move. Drag it to the location you want it and click save new order button. This new order will also be implemented on any slideshows using that particular gallery.

Simplified the ‘Create New Page’ option – we now have a ‘Simple’ and ‘Advanced’ editor option. The simple editor allows you to add text which will appear to the left of the page and upload an image which will appear to the right. You can click the Advanced link to change position and add slideshows, text and images in the same way as before. Please note - editing a page still requires the use of the Advanced editor, as using the simple option here would remove any previous formatting. Therefore the simple editor is not available when editing existing pages.

Creating internal links within the content of a page simplified - you can now highlight text on any page and, on clicking the Insert/Edit link icon you can now select any of the pages already created to link this text to.

Slideshow option introduced - A slideshow displaying up to 10 images can now be added to all content pages on a website. The slideshow generates images selected from available galleries already added.

Changed page width options - removed option for 700 px width and added a 1200 px option. This allows a larger header image to be used if required.

Initial Wizard pages simplified - single text box added for each page created so text can be typed directly into the box or copy and pasted from a document or existing web page. One image per page can now be uploaded and the image is resized automatically. There is an advanced editor to further format pages and upload extra images once the wizard pages are complete.

Although the Websites For Photographers system is very comprehensive and we feel it offers major benefits over competitor services, we are sure that there are improvements that can still be made.

We welcome suggestions for additions to the system and are constantly working on new developments.

Please feel free to make any suggestions regarding additions or improvements that you would like to see added to the system by completing our contact form.

If you have used a similar service in the past and came across any shortfalls in the system and feel these would be of benefit to you, please let us know. We will do our utmost, if they are not already included, to implement them here if we feel they will benefit the majority of our users.

In most cases new additions and developments can seamlessly be integrated into the system so they are available to all users instantly.

Please register and try out the system for yourself and if you feel there are items you would like including then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have updated our Cookie Policy and our Privacy policy. Cookies are used to ensure we provide the best customer experience. Continued use of this website assumes your acceptance of these policies.