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Websites For Photographers | New additions to the Websites For Photographers system

Websites For Photographers continues to be at the fore front of developments as one of the best 'build your own websites' systems specifically for photographers. WIth a free, no obligation trial and very simple yet powerful interface it is very difficult to find a system which is both very cost effective and easy to use.

Many of our clients come to us after using or trialling a different system and tell us that ours is by far the most straight forward to use.

One of the beauties of a system such as this is the fact that any new additions or developments can be integrated into the system and become automatically available to all users. The system is constantly being updated with new developments and functionality added regularly. For example we have undergone a complete redesign of the website, increased image gallery allowance without an increase in cost, received PCI accreditation for credit card processing and more. We are always working on new options for site design and layout.

A mobile friendly, responsive layout has been introduced ensuring all websites meet Google guidleines for mobile friendliness. This also improves search engine rankings. Again this development was at no additional cost.

All new developments have been achieved without an increase in prices which have remained static since the system launched in late 2009.

With our system we do not charge extra fees for additional functionality or 'bolt-ons'. All functionality is available for every website without additional cost. Therefore where others charge extra for slideshows, extra galleries, ecommerce to allow you to sell your event images online,

The only extra charge above the initial annual hosting fee is for extra images allocation and domain name. Domain names maybe purchased seperately or through us. Hosting wise you only pay for the number of images you use in your galleries or to put it a different way only pay for what you need. Additional images can be purchased at any time and the price is pro-rata'd down depending on the time left of your subscription. This again guarantees you only pay for what you actually use.

As there is a free, no obligation trial available, there is no risk to you so please Register now and see what can be achieved.

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