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Websites For Photographers | Mobile friendly, responsive website design

A mobile friendly, responsive website is one where the layout responds to the device it is being viewed on. For example, a website will look slightly different on a mobile device to a desktop PC.

**All websites created using the Websites For Photographers system include a mobile friendly, responsive layout, passing the Google mobile friendly test. Test your website here. If your website does not pass this test then you should consider a new website.** Google have also announced that websites that meet this criteria will receive a boost in their search engine rankings.

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The main requirements of a mobile friendly website are that there would be no scrolling left to right and all content falls below the previous section. Try viewing this page on a Mobile device and desktop PC to demonstrate.

Navigation menus will generally collapse on a mobile device so as to reduce the amount of scrolling required. Clicking the menu icon will open up the links menu vertically. Furthermore, the links on a mobile device must be sufficiently separated so it is easy to click with your figure so as not to click the wrong link. This is all about making for a good user experience.

A further requirement would be that there are no plugins in use on your website which may not be viewable on a mobile device. This could include, for example, Flash animations which cannot be viewed on Apple devices.

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Google has announced that, from April 21 2015 it will include mobile friendliness of a website in its ranking criteria. You may have noticed a 'mobile friendly' tag alongside search results. Google is (March 2015) checking all websites within its index for mobile friendly criteria. It will from 21 April, boost the rankings of website that meet this criteria. Google has said this will have a significant impact on mobile search results.

If you have a Google Webmaster Tools account for your website then you may have receive a message along the lines of 'Fix mobile usability issues'. If you have received this message then action should be taken urgently to resolve any issues. If you would like any assistance with this then please contact us with details.

Have you put a lot of effort in to achieving a good search ranking on Google? Have you struggled to achieve a reasonable ranking and therefore reasonable search engine traffic? A mobile friendly website which passes the Google test is a must to continue with this success or to improve on it. Test your website here. If you do not pass then please speak to your website developer about this or register here for our FREE TRIAL.

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