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Websites For Photographers | Unique Ideas for Displaying Your Photos

The internet and beyond provides photographers with a whole array of different ways to display their work. However, if you are seeking something that little bit different then read for some unique ideas for on and offline photography sharing.

Most photographers have heard of the Flickr website. On this site you can make connections with people interested in photography and indeed network with other photographers. Making connections in this way helps you to learn from others, but it also allows you to show off your work in an interactive manner. Photographers can upload their shots along with titles and descriptions and then others can comment on a picture. This method of displaying your work provides you with an instant source of feedback. Some people might love one picture and dislike another, and so on. It gives you information on what appeals to your audience and what doesn't.

If you are a working photographer who is continually seeking clients, then having a professional business card to hand out is always useful. Traditionally business cards don't contain images, and if they do they're mostly small logos with not many details. But why not have a card designed containing one of your own shots. Select your most attractive, eye catching shot and have that printed as the background of your card. Even more unique would be to have each card with a different shot, and you could select a sequence of shots to go on the cards. Perhaps ask for feedback on Flickr as to which pictures people think you should use.

Another idea, and one which could see you earning some money, would be to create an account on a site that sells stock photography and upload some of the images you would like to sell. Stock photography websites allow people to purchase your shots and use them for a whole range of purposes, such as in presentations, on websites, as book covers and much more. If you choose to go with this option you would have to be okay with your pictures being used for these kinds of purposes.

Displaying pictures online is always fun and can gain you great exposure, however it is also a good idea to make physical prints of your work and hang them up in your home or workplace. This mostly helps to keep you inspired and motivated, as sometimes there can be a disconnection, artistically speaking, when your photographs are all in digital format. Surrounding yourself with beautiful prints of your pictures not only makes a space more attractive but also creates a unique look for any wall or shelf.

Finally, and perhaps the most important in terms of furthering your career as a professional photographer, is the online portfolio. Websites for Photographers is the ideal way to create your online photography portfolio but we can always do this for you. An online portfolio is the easiest way for clients to check out your pictures and decide whether or not they would like to hire you.

Websites for Photographers provides a free, unlimited trial of the system so you can be confident it offers what you require before making any financial investment. It also allows you to develop your website at your own pace without being under time pressure. Take the trial by registering here now.

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